288 hours

I moved to Nashville all of 2 weeks ago and its already killing me that I already dont have a  pinterest perfect picture house. For most of college I sat on my couch and dreamed of when I would have my own home that I OWNED so that I could do every pinterest project I had ever dreamed of. I had a grand idea of going to garage sales everyday and goodwill and thrift stores all night. I could sit and spray paint anything. Not that I had ever done it before but how hard could it be?

Well heres the thing. Growing up sucks. Moving to a new city I barely know how to get to my local publix let alone goodwill or god forbid a garage sale on craigslist. Not to mention gas isnt cheap. Yes I may have gotten the perfect 50 cents candle sconce thing that I can spray paint really cool but guess what I spent $20 in gas finding it! So again I say growing up sucks.

I know I’m putting tons of pressure on my self considering I have lived here all of 288 hours. (Yes I had to use my iphone calculator to figure that out.) But I need to get moving. There are so many things to be done and I keep putting them all off. So for a little accountability and maybe some old fashion group help.  Im going to show you something that I probably shouldnt show anyone…my to do list. It is a million pages long but hopefully I can start cutting it down. I know having a crazy high strung puppy doesnt really help with the whole diy pinfabulous version of things I have in my head but I know that one day – maybe a year (maybe 3 from now) my house will be exactly how I want it!  So here it goes no one laugh at my list!


  • cool clock for entry wall
  • curtains – thinking gold and white striped – crate and barrel splurge/white curtains gold paint?
  • bed spread or duvet sheet
  • print pictures to fill frames
  • new knobs for side tables
  • stain base of platform bed
  • ottoman for end of bed
  • TV mount
  • curtain tie back


  • new coffee table
  • new rug
  • wall art – thinking map of the world in the cool spray color
  • bookshelf for corner
  • ladder for blankets
  • wire basket to hold records
  • lamp shade for coffee table
  • spray paint potted plants
  • spray paint lamp base
  • TV mount


  • bar stools
  • tiered thing to hold veggies on counter top (or basket)


  • jewlery organization


  • vanity trays for both sides
  • holder for toilet paper
  • hang up sign that says toilet
  • repaint 2nd bathroom
  • repaint both sets of cabniets
  • shower curtain second bathroom
  • spray paint inside of bathroom trash can?
  • jars for qtips etc


Welcome to Growing up sucks. A blog about travel, fitness, frugality, decorating, and how much growing up really sucks.

My name is Tessa and I am 24 and just moved to Nashville TN! Originally being from Miami Florida has made this a bit of a change. Ok a lot of change. I also just moved in with my boyfriend and got a puppy.

So before the move I used to wake up at noon lounge on pinterest and reddit and then go out and drink till 4am. Now I wake up at 7am feed and play with the puppy, lounge on reddit, play with the puppy, decorate my new condo, play with the puppy, look up projects on pinterest that in no way I could ever possibly make, feed the puppy lunch, change into work out clothes, say I’ll go to the gym in an hour, play with the puppy, attempt a pinterest project, fail miserably, play with the puppy…yeah you get the point. And no I never end up in the gym, maybe tomorrow. So enjoy the content of watching me fail maybe you will learn a thing or two from my mistakes and we can all grow up together. Maybe.

Off to play with the puppy.

xoxo, Tessa